Summer Campout Information

T840 usually goes to a minimum of two (2) summer camps every year. We encourage ALL new Scouts to attend summer camp!  Attending summer camp puts your son on the road to a successful Scouting "career"!  You will also notice your son's increased maturity from attendance at summer camp. PLUS, it is GREAT FUN!!

In 2022, T840 will attend Camp TBD at TBD (near TBD, TBD) [information available after annual planning session in late August] and Camp TBD at H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation (near Iconium, MO). Scouts may attend either or both summer camps. 

[Note: Sometimes the first summer camp is a Circle 10 Council camp; some years it is an out-of-Council camp. These sessions are usually one week (Sunday through Saturday) in length. [If they are in-Council, travel is usually by T840 family vehicles.  If they are out-of-Council, travel is sometimes by bus (motor coach) and sometimes could be by air travel in addition to bus, which may add a travel day (and cost) to the schedule (and fees).]   Circle 10 Council camps include Camp Trevor Rees-Jones ("TRJ", near Athens, TX) and Camp Constantin (on Possum Kingdom Lake, just west of Mineral Wells, TX). Recent out-of-Council camps that T840 has attended were in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Arkansas.] 

In addition to the first summer camp, T840 usually attends one ten-day/nine-night session at the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation near Iconium, MO. Travel to/from Bartle is usually done via adult leaders' personal vehicles IF we have enough parents driving. Because of timing issues and BSA rules, it is necessary to spend one night in a hotel on the way to Bartle. IF we do NOT have enough parents driving, we travel to/from Bartle via bus but do not stay at a hotel. In either case, return from camp does not involve an overnight stay. The longer length of summer camp plus the potential hotel stay / bus ride make attending this summer camp slightly more expensive than a Circle 10 Council camp.

Equipment requirements for summer camp differ from those for weekend camping. Scouts (and adult leaders) pack their clothing and gear in a trunk, which is loaded into either a T840 Troop trailer or the bus for the trip to camp. Depending on the particular summer camp, a Scout/adult leader may need to bring a cot. If the summer camp is in an area where mosquitoes/other insects are prevalent, the camper may choose to bring a (framed) mosquito net. Usually eating utensils/mess kits are not required for UNLESS the Scout will be going on an outing for a specific rank advancement at summer camp. Scouts/adult leaders like to swim at summer camps. Showers are available at summer camps, so towels, soap, shower shoes, etc., are also needed. A detailed list will be provided at the meeting about summer camp.

Advancement/training opportunities at summer camp include: 

  • Trail to First Class — for new Scouts 
  • Merit Badges — a variety is offered, varying by summer camp; selection/registration is done ahead of summer camp — watch for an e-mail requesting your preferences 
  • Leadership training — available for adult leaders; some may be available for Scouts 

Paying for summer camp is done on a schedule which depends on which camp(s) the Scout/adult leader is attending. During the rest of the year, T840 Scouts will have an opportunity to raise money to be used for summer camp. If there is financial hardship that might prevent a Scout from attending summer camp, please contact T840 Committee Chair Liz Wroten to see if it is possible to arrange a "campership" — no Scout should have to skip summer camp for financial reasons!

Questions? Ask and we'll get you an answer! 

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