Winter Campout Information


Winter Camp is several things to T840

  • An opportunity to camp in weather that is NOT hot!
  • An opportunity to eat as a Troop, rather than as a Patrol
  • An opportunity to help cook lunch and/or supper IF you need/want to 
  • An opportunity to work on up to three (3) Merit Badges (MBs) offered at Winter Camp
  • An opportunity to make a wooden (yes, wooden!) pen 
  • A chance to "swim with the polar bears" (OPTIONAL!!) 
  • A great time had by all!!

Winter Camp weather can range from cool to COLD, but proper preparation will help Scouts (and adults) enjoy the weather in any case. 

The Troop meets prior to Winter Camp to plan the Troop menu. Adults cook breakfast so Scouts can quickly get to MB classes. Scouts who have the time assist adults in preparing lunch. Scouts take the lead in cooking supper under the watchful eye of adult leaders. 

T840 has its own campfire almost every night! 

Note: Before Winter Camp, T840 adult leaders will have a meeting to help guide Scouts (and their parents) with additional and/or different equipment needed for Winter Camp. One quick example is that air mattresses are not practical for Winter Camp since they do not insulate the Scout/adult from the cold ground; a sleeping pad is STRONGLY preferred. Another example is the use of T840 hoodies to wear over their normal in-camp uniform -- for warmth, of course. Watch for the Winter Camp meeting announcement in December .... 

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