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We hope you enjoy your visit to our Troop 840 web site.  IF you are a VISITOR or a NEW Scout/parent, CLICK HERE for a web page that will help you get started. If you need additional information beyond that provided, please click on our Contact Us page to send us your inquiry! 

If you are part of Troop 840 (including alumni), and you can't remember how to sign in, send an e-mail to our Troop Webmasters, webmasters@troop840.org. (Note that "webmasterS" is plural!)

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Even NEWER email etiquette for T840 ... FINALLY!!

Posted on Jun 23 2014 - 10:42pm
Finally -- even GREATER NEWS!!
SOAR Online, the vendor that hosts our T840 web site, has made permanent their "proposed solution" that solves the various email problems we have been having. When you send to an email list on our web site, the new solution will put your email address as the REPLY-TO recipient. So, you no longer have to include your email address in the body of the note. (Your note will look like it came from listadm@troop840.org, however, so you may wish to put this email alias in your address book so notes do not look like SPAM!)
However, IF you wish to address someone other than the sender of a note you received, you will have to look up the appropriate email address!

Changes to Troop Roster on T840 Web Site

Posted on Mar 28 2014 - 4:15pm

There is a new version of the Troop Roster on the T840 web site now, one which is built automatically. Here are the important changes: 

VISITORS + NEW Scouts & Parents

Posted on Mar 27 2014 - 1:18pm
Menu for VISITORS and NEW Scouts & Parents New (public) menu item for VISITORS and for NEW Scouts & Parents.
Click HERE. Also, you can find out how to register for campouts here .... 


How to Find Your Advancement Information

Posted on Aug 7 2013 - 6:23pm

This item describes how to find your advancement information on the T840 web site:

New Leave No Trace Online Awareness Course

Posted on Aug 7 2013 - 6:19pm

Troop 840 is an avid supporter of the Leave No Trace (LNT) program and its principles.  To assist in learning more about LNT, that organization has made available a new online awareness course.  See this page for more information.  

URGENT: Troop 840 Yahoo! Group "Sunset" Date

Posted on Jul 17 2013 - 11:01pm

BREAKING NEWS:  The Troop 840 Yahoo! group "sunset" date is on or about 07/01/2013.  

It is being replaced by a group e-mail address of troop840@troop840.org, which is done through the Troop 840 web site.  This will allow you to use your e-mail (the one registered on the T840 web site) to send to everyone (Scouts (who have registered e-mails) and adults) the same way the former Yahoo group did.  However, under most circumstances you should not be e-mailing the entire Troop 840 membership, so subsets of Troop 840 (e.g., all leaders, ASMs, PLC, each Patrol, the gaming community, webmasters, etc.) have e-mail group lists available also!  See the Adult Leaders List for a list of available e-mail groups.  

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