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Ordering T840-logo Apparel

Posted on Sep 12 2017 - 2:09pm

It's becoming fall, which eventually becomes winter, so it's time to think about ordering fleece jackets, hoodies, beanies, and (NEW) long-sleeve shirts — all with the T840 logo on them. If you would like to keep warm at, say Trotter's Land or Winter Camp, click here to order cool-weather gear. This will take you to a Google form, which you should fill out with your order. IF you are a Scout, be sure you have your parents' permission since we will be ordering your apparel based on this order — and we will expect payment for it! Prices vary for the larger sizes but are correctly indicated in the form. 

ANNOUNCING: NEW "Who Do I Ask?" Function for T840

Posted on Sep 6 2017 - 4:52pm

Who Do I Ask?
Have a question? Please use the list below to direct your question via email. 
Usage: For example if the email list name is abc, you would send your email to abc@troop840.org. Remember that T840 email uses our website’s email aliases to forward emails. Never, EVER use Reply or Reply All without first looking to whom your email is addressed. Never, EVER email the alias known as LISTADM@troop840.org; it goes to a “service machine”, not a person, and there is NO notice of your erroneous use!! 

Finishing MBs from Summer Camp at Bass Pro Shops ....

Posted on Sep 1 2017 - 5:55pm

Need to finish a MB that you started at Summer Camp?

Maybe the following will help you finish Fishing, Rifle Shooting, or Fish and Wildlife Management MBs
Celebrate Boy Scouts of America month with Bass Pro Shops

October Campout — Long Weekend at Palo Duro Canyon / BSA Camp Don Harrington

Posted on Aug 14 2017 - 11:58am

Our October (6th-9th) campout is to Palo Duro Canyon / BSA Camp Don Harrington, near Amarillo. Note this will be a 4-day campout as the Scouts are out of school on Friday and Monday.  Currently the campout is currently only open to Adult Leaders as we need to make sure we have enough seats before opening reservations for Scouts. Initial plan is to meet Friday at 7am and leaving to return Monday after breakfast.

ANNOUNCING: NEW "report" Function for T840

Posted on Aug 6 2017 - 9:51pm

Do you need a report of your progress towards the next rank? If so, email report@troop840.org prior to 5:00 pm by Sunday prior to the Tuesday T840 troop meeting, and you will have a report emailed back to you in PDF form. Here are the types of reports you can request: 

Camp Buffalo Bill Advancement Data NOW Online ....

Posted on Aug 6 2017 - 9:49pm

Advancement information on this website is NOW CURRENT for all Camp Buffalo Bill COMPLETED MBs AND partial MBs AND "Eagle Claw" (a.k.a., Trail-to-First-Class). All (former) minor discrepancies have now been resolved. 

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